Are Diddy dating Joie Chavis? Steamy kiss with Future and bow-wow’s infant mama looks widespread

Are Diddy dating Joie Chavis? Steamy kiss with Future and bow-wow’s infant mama looks widespread

Diddy might or might not staying internet dating Joie Chavis, after being related to Yung Miami and Lori Harvey in earlier times

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Diddy ended up being reportedly touring in Italy to go to their girl’ Dolce & Gabbana program, but that’s not totally all he had been about. Caught in paparazzi shots, the rapper transformed history brand would be detected receiving comfy with none other than long-term and Bow Wow’s baby mama, Joie Chavis. The steamy picture of Diddy petting Chavis am enough to spark conjectures encompassing the type of these romance, but social networks of course don’t visit that. Searching serious into both of theirs interaction past, customers agreed Diddy would be the finest CLB a€” aka qualified lover-boy considering only some that long-ago he was pictured with another feeling of hip hop a€” Yung Miami.

Not too long ago, Diddy got earned statements after this individual received cooked for mentioning wake up with ’15 roaches’ on his look inspired your. Social media optimisation additionally thought the Glendale AZ escort sites rap artist’s sex way back in Summer, wanting to know if he was gay just for boosting associate instrumentalist Lil Nas X’s onstage kiss from the decision honours. With the artist garnering significant net awareness for quick trivial topics, it is not scary that photos of your waking up, turn off, and private with Chavis have already been capable stir rather the excitement. However for those curious that Chavis happens to be, continue reading discover.

Who’s going to be Joie Chavis?

Chavis first came into the spotlight through them connection with rap artist Bow Wow. Through the years she possesses likewise well-known by herself as a model, business person and social websites character. With over 2 million twitter followers on Instagram, Chavis maintains this lady lovers refreshed exactly what’s cooking a€” figuratively and actually a€” really actively. Sprinkled with enviable shots of the girl incredibly hot bikini photograph that flatter their shape the perfect amount, Chavis possess mastered the art of social networks reputation expertly.

Chavis is mommy to Bow wow’s loved one Shai Moss, who the two been thankful for in 2011. Earlier she furthermore outdated rapper outlook, with who she received their baby Hendrix Wilburn in 2018. Chavis was in major determined relationships with both rappers, but possess usually started forced as a gold digger going out with artists and having children all of them for cash.

She bashed those assertions on a Q&A period on her Myspace route, Joie in daily life, expressing: a€?[lots of people say], a€?Oh, shea€™s a gold-digger,a€™ or, a€?Shea€™s merely having these babies to lock in a purse. I usually have worked since I have is 15 years old. I dona€™t know what ita€™s choose to just not do just about anything. Very, I presume thata€™s the particular mistaken belief, it certainly doesna€™t take the time me personally whatever. Individuals that learn me personally understand, naturally, Ia€™m a whole lot more than that. We reveal that with my activities. I dona€™t need certainly to yell it. I reveal that using my actions and exactly how hard We run.»

Is Diddy dating Chavis?

According to the popular pop idol news outlet The color place, photos of Diddy and Chavis were consumed in Capri while the two calm on a yatch. Diddy received to begin with visited watch his own girl run the ramp within Dolce & Gabbana show in Venice, but he or she himself sizzled with relationship cozying with Chavis as pics display the pair chuckling, cuddling, kissing and «talking thoroughly» on their own siesta.

While there is no verification a€” official or else a€” the two’s connection condition, Diddy is pretty close with Bow Wow way too, who had became available early in the day in 2012 which he knew to become a kids boy since Diddy, the wall plug provides. At the same time, Diddy normally linked to Chavis’ passionate past with potential, who dated Lori Harvey a while in 2020 and Lori and Diddy was previously jointly a while ago way too. Everything keeps stimulated a complete more buzz useful for social networks just who just cannot maintain relaxed about how fast Diddy moves in terms of intimate liaisons. Or just how they are showering all those female with bucks that artisans finalized to his own tag desire these people were being showered with instead.

«So Lori Harvey familiar with date long-term and Bu Thiam, that happen to be additionally Joie Chavisa€™ exes. Joie has toddler with prospect, which has a child with Ciara, and Joie also has toddler with Bow Wow, who utilized to date Ciara. And now Joie is through Diddy, which regularly meeting Lori Harvey. Ita€™s a good deal ya€™all,» typed one consumer on Twitter and youtube. Another exclaimed: «DIDDY AND JOIE?! just what a fucking plot perspective!»

Some quipped: «This person Diddy undefeated upcoming someplace cheerful rn». Many joked: «Diddy end up being spending extra cash on ladies than on his or her musicians and artists. Move Joie !» They weren’t the kinds, as an additional published a meme and said: «Diddy a€?s specialist if they determine your spending money on these women not on them». Diddy people in addition lent fellow rapper Drake’s remarkably popular record album name CLB to mark Diddy «fasho the #CLB OF THE SEASON.» One was of this thoughts that «Diddy keeps him or her a PYT. I really hope this individual understands hea€™s a sugar daddy at this point»; PYT of course which means very young factor.