8 Myths About “Gamer Girls” Debunked By A Singaporean Female Gamer

8 Myths About “Gamer Girls” Debunked By A Singaporean Female Gamer

Debunking stereotypes of female gamers

There’s no this type of thing as a “gamer boy” as well as a “male gamer”. On the other hand, the term “gamer girl” are notoriously used in the video gaming community, frequently paired with the stereotypical picture of someone promiscuous and attention-seeking.


As a gamer myself, I’m able to vouch this is actually an unrealistic and inaccurate representation associated with the female player inhabitants. Here are a few misconceptions you might have about gamer ladies in Singapore, debunked:

1. We don’t really like gaming and generally are carrying it out when it comes down to interest

With over 3 million Youtube customers, Pokimane is actually famous considering the woman fascination with gaming and repeated fan-interactionsImage credit: @pokimanelol

2. we all have been promiscuous

Needless to say, there are numerous feminine streamers whom wield their unique intercourse appeal so that you can garner followers, however the means they outfit on-stream isn’t constantly a primary indicator of promiscuity. Possibly we can furthermore set certain blame on game makers whom develop over-sexualised feminine characters wearing halloween costumes that barely discusses such a thing.

These half-clothed women are not after all representative on the whole feminine player populace – you’re more likely to get a hold of all of us milling placed video games inside our PJs of all era.

Indeed, there are masses of feminine players whom really take the time to maintain their sex and identity a key to avoid possible harassment. The next time your discover a lady gamer, understand that she’s perhaps not thinking about your own digital catcalling and disrespectful breakthroughs.

3. We’re terrible at video games

Hafu: Former World of WarCraft expert, respected previous category of Legends user, and at this time one of several leading HearthStone users from inside the worldImage credit score rating: Hafu

Whenever a male player nourishes (dying to your enemy consistently), it’s because he’s terrible on video game. When women pro feeds, it’s because she’s a woman.

Oh, assuming she’s in highest elo (rate), she ought to be boosted (having to pay another person of a higher skill level to experience ranked games with your profile).

While we need admit that maximizing is particularly notorious in several video games, it is not as in the event the operate is unique to females, or that female players is enhanced. These unjustified hostility merely furthermore reinforces the stereotypes and prejudices which can one-day become fact — we don’t wish that!

4. We merely play a limited assortment of video games

You’ll genuinely believe that there aren’t a lot of women playing relatively male-dominated games such as for example DOTA 2 or table Strike: worldwide Offensive (CS:GO). So some guys get really surprised every time they encounter women in game.

Then they check out address girls just as if they’re an uncommon varieties on display and bombard them with intrusive comments they’d never ever say IRL, like “U chio anot? What’s ur Insta?” and “How older roentgen u? could i bring ur amounts?” *facepalm*

In doing this, a shield that stops female players from totally integrating to the gaming people is done – maybe that’s the main reason there aren’t many female players in.

5. We just play supporting functions

Category of Tales Champion: Caitlyn Graphics Credit: Category of Tales

I’m sure a lot of feminine gamers which bring “support” (heals and helps other players) only because their friends pushed them to achieve this if they first started. They are easy roles in the amateur amount, and many male participants become not willing to try out all of them because they favor “carry” functions which have been much more intense and in most cases experience the the majority of eliminates.

There’s practically nothing wrong with playing assistance. Indeed, at larger elos, the help role make or break a-game. That said, there’re most women around exactly who play “carry” functions as well – and they’re awful proficient at they!

6. We are “ah lians” exactly who don’t excel academically

To be effective in a game title, you must spend a tremendous length of time and strength upon it. Normally, you’ll find explicit gamers just who come to be greatly connected to the online game and overlook the rest, such as their own teachers.

Certainly one of Esports’ respected offers, Eefje ‘sjokz’ Depoortere, has actually a Master’s level in History and Journalism, as well as a training level from Ghent college.Image credit score rating: @skojz

But that is an overgeneralisation, because never assume all players include temperamental delinquents just who rage and spew vulgarities at everyone. You will find highly-educated, well-mannered players available to you who manage their unique times wisely, and that additional achievements beyond gaming. Let’s not allow certain black colored sheeps establish the complete herd.

7. We don’t posses a personal existence outside gaming

Offline television is composed of a small grouping of articles designers just who have their begin in gaming and then reside in a residence collectively, making cooperation videosImage credit score rating: @lilypichu

Video gaming was a hobby like cooking or knitting, and may perhaps not end united states from having a wholesome social existence. In reality, gaming can develop our social circles and allow all of us to meet everyone outside our age bracket and even geographic limitations. Who knows? We may see our very own potential wife or case job ventures provided to us by a friend we found in online game.

Singaporean pair fulfilled on Maplestory and had a themed wedding shoot as an ode into the video game that produced them togetherImage credit score rating: Singapore Brides

8. We’re tomboys

Both a cosplayer and a gamer, Yingtze graduated from a contribute fashion build school in Malaysia and is also noted for this lady remarkable handsewn costumes.Image Credit: @yingtze

Some nevertheless believe gaming is just for boys and this girls whom video game include tomboyish. But you’ll find loads of feminine gamers available to choose from exactly who appreciate other pursuits for example trying out cosmetics and stitching which have been viewed getting typically elegant hobbies.

Plus, it is the twenty-first 100 years – we’re beyond judging other people for defying gender norms. If girls wanna deal with a traditionally “masculine” craft, allow them to be. If dudes desire to wear makeup products, they need to do it now. You are doing your!

Player Women in Singapore

Within the formula of earning an experienced player, sex just isn’t also part of the picture. We have to decrease all of our prejudices and appreciate just what others enjoy undertaking – in this manner, a lot more will feeling pleasant in the gaming neighborhood and it’ll develop to be a far more inclusive family.

Learn a female just who games? Label the girl within the reviews point below!